Talent management, HR and PR
Talent Management
In DF Núcleo we believe in the constant improvement of our team and we help them grow personally and professionally creating individualized action and group development. We have the Performance Assessment Tool (Professional Development Discussion) which encourages the growth of each one of our people and facilitates communication and business groups.
For people with high potential there is the Talent program where they are given the opportunity to take on new challenges, specific training and a mentor to develop their career in DF Núcleo.
Each person in our company can bring multiple capacities and the sum of these together differentiates DF Nucleo from the rest.
In DF Núcleo we value the global compound of competences in people and we value them based on them:
-           Innovation
-           Result oriented
-           Change management
-           Mainstreaming
-           Impact and Influence
-           Continuous Improvement
-           Professionalism
-           Dynamism
-           Team work
-           Customer oriented