On July 23, 2018, Inversiones Valinver, in association with Crescent Hill Capital, reached an agreement to purchase Núcleo de Comunicaciones y Control, S.L. from its previous owner, Duro Felguera.
The new shareholders aim to continue and strengthen the commitment to the sectors in which Núcleo has worked for more than 50 years as Aeronautics, Energy and Industry and Security and Defense, offering its own technology and advanced solutions.
Núcleo has been, and will continue to be, with renewed energy, a reference contractor in different areas with products and solutions capable of competing worldwide. It is also a fundamental objective the development of international activity in the regions in which the Company has been working in recent years with an important presence in Africa and Latin America, but without forgetting other markets that demand its technologies and in which there is also a experience and references.
About Inversiones Valinver and Crescent Hill Capital 
Inversiones  Valinver  is  managed  by  Javier  Valero  Artola,  currently  the  chairman  of Globaltec  Desarrollos  e  Ingeniería.  In  the  past  he  was  CEO  and  shareholder  in  Núcleo and a board member of different public and private companies in the  communications,  insurance  and  energy  sectors,  where  he  has  great  experience  in exporting goods and services.  

Crescent Hill Capital is a private investment fund focused on high added value technology sectors and present in numerous different areas.