DF Núcleo continues to show the way as a benchmark supplier of the new Integrated Control Systems (ICS) for the 400 kV and 220 kV grid substations for the Spanish operator, Red Eléctrica de España. Currently, the Company has installed a total of 107 automated ICS. These projects are part of the framework agreement in force for supply of Substation Automation Systems (SAS) entered into by DF Núcleo and Red Eléctrica, under which the Company has received orders for five more projects.
Currently, the Company has installed a total of 107 SAS in Spain.
Moreover, DF's technology company is collaborating in a pilot project to develop a prototype under the IEC 61850 Ed.2 standard that will characterise the upgrade of all ICS nationwide. This standard governs and fosters the interoperability of the units installed in electrical substations and defines the measures to be taken to achieve digital substations.

DF Núcleo has proven experience in the supply of Substation Automation Systems. In addition to the extensive experience accumulated in Spain, DF Núcleo has more than 100 systems in place at the international level in Honduras, Venezuela, Brazil, India, Morocco and Mexico. In the latter country, the Company launched the first systems under the IEC 61850 standard last year.

In addition to conventional transformer substations in the electrical cycle, DF Núcleo worked with step-up substations for wind farms and with railway substations.

The technological solution contributed by DF Núcleo is based on its propriety SHERPA C 5000 SAS system which provides a comprehensive solution for remote substation control. It combines the Company's extensive experience in remote electrical substation control with the latest advances in automation.

The SHERPA C 5000 is composed of the following units:
  • SCADA SHERPA. This is the substation's operating and monitoring system and includes safety, robustness and lasting reliability features for control centres based on software applications developed by the DF Núcleo.
  • SHERPA C 5000G. A unit that enables access to the data and to operate the substation from the Electrical Control Centre using traditional remote control protocols.
  • SHERPA R 5000. Control unit equipped with graphical interface that performs bay control functions. It also enables integration with conventional third-party units that are not compatible with the system's standard.
  • Integrated management and maintenance system made up of tools for substation engineering and maintenance.
  • I/O acquisition units. 
  • Protection units of other manufacturers designed according to the IEC-61850 standard.
  • Ethernet copper (10/100BaseT) or fibre (100BaseFX) local substation network.
  • GPS with Irig-B, NTP, SNTP or PTP synchronization protocols.