Núcleo has been awarded the VoIP Communications System for the Rozas Airport Research Centre (CIAR), located in Castro de Rei (Lugo).

This Centre is a joint initiative of INTA and the Xunta of Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) and the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (IGAPE), and the current Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The supply of the system includes several control posts with basic IP voice communications capabilities for the CIAR (with traffic control tests of the Center, with other control centers, with ground and air) and may be developed to extensive networks of ground-to-air and ground-to-ground communications, which must have a system that allows access to radio resources in a shared way, with control of privileges and also have a system of communication with the rest of the center locations, considered essential for it to be operational. At the centre level, communications between the control room and the platform must be guaranteed with this system.

The CIAR offers a privileged location, since unmanned aircraft can only fly in segregated airspace since, given its recent appearance, the regulation of this new type of flights is pending and many of the aircraft are still in the development phase.

Unmanned planes have great potential for growth, thanks to the wide range of possible uses: fire surveillance, image gathering, border and air traffic control, ecological disaster management and environmental control, fishing activities, discharges in the sea, etc. In addition, they have advantages over conventional aircraft (flight time, consumption, size, etc.), making them a key factor in maintaining the technological development capacities of the aeronautical sector in the short/medium term.