E Services

In Núcleo de Comunicaciones y Control, S.L. customer service is crucial, from product conception, project development and implementation, to equipment and products installed maintenance.

In Núcleo de Comunicaciones y Control, S.L. we strive every day to provide our customers a personalized and quality treatment, and this is why we offer the following services:

Our clients do not only hire assets, but also results, this is why in Núcleo de Comunicaciones y Control, S.L. we have an outsourcing service formed by highly trained professionals to perform the work required at the facilities of our customers.

Installation & Initiation of Service
Our staff is trained to perform all kinds of installations in our field of production and to set up and operate the equipment installed by our technicians.

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance
Ensuring the proper functioning of the installed equipment is one of our priorities. For this reason, we conduct comprehensive maintenance contracts, both corrective and preventive, of the installed equipment. Customers who do not have a maintenance contract can also access this service through our technical assistance fees. 

In Núcleo de Comunicaciones y Control, S.L. we take care of repairing the equipment we manufacture and manage the repair of other equipment we installed in our projects.

Call Center
Núcleo de Comunicaciones y Control, S.L. has a hotline to meet the technical and informational demands of our customers. In addition, customers can send us their requests via email to: asistenciatecnica@nucleocc.com