Solutions / Aeronautical and Maritime Systems
Aeronautical and Maritime Systems
Núcleo provides turnkey solutions for the aeronautical and maritime sectors: Aeronautical Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems; Air and Maritime Traffic Control Systems and Airport Systems

Over 50 years providing technologically advanced solutions and turnkey projects

Núcleo designs solutions for all flight phases, manufacturing air management systems with the latest in VoIP technology. The company boasts technological products for Air Traffic Control in towers and control centers, and technological solutions for safety, beaconing and platform control.

Núcleo is capable of integrating and installing solutions for safe operations in the air and on the ground, such as radio navigation, location systems... and the efficient management of airport terminals: passenger information systems, global safety systems, etc.


Núcleo provides technical solutions that enable a modern management of maritime and port operations.
  • Maritime: We develop and integrate maritime traffic, surveillance and navaids control and communication systems.
  • Port Terminal Operations: We develop and integrate instrumentation, control, communications and security systems for solid bulk handling, oil & gas and fuel storage